Free Premium
Single user subscription Free 10 USD/month
Team collaboration features Limited Full
Access to projects owned by other users Read only Read and Write
Access for other users your content Read only Read and Write
Sharing content Limited Full
Responsibility assignments Limited Full
Monitoring responsibility Limited Full
Progress setting and adjustments Limited Full
Maximum number of projects and folder items 100 5000
Storage of content 0,5 Gb/user 10 Gb/user
Full sharing and user assignments Limited X
File preview (Most file extentions) X X
Unlimited checklists in all projects X X
Workflow table (Kanban) X X
Gantt options (From dashboard) X X
PDF reporting X X
Sending all content as e-mail X X
Action list features X X
Group discounts Log in and use License manager Log in and use License manager
and a lot more… X X