This video is about showing what Jibby is about. It is an introductory marketing video showing and telling.

What are we telling viewers:

  1. Jibby Quality performance is a cloud application
  2. Jibby is a content manager for almost anything but with a focus on linking content-projects-collaboration
  3. With Jibby you can manage anything from small personal projects to complex professional collaboration projects – All in the same system on same account
  4. Simple management of access to projects with Jibby User-control
  5. Explain the 3 column system in one sentence
  6. Explain the checklist actions in one sentence
  7. Explain the my action list in one sentence
  8. Explain the notifications in one sentence
  9. Explain the Gantt chart in one sentence
  10. Explain the Dashboard in one sentence

What are we showing:

  1. The three column display system explaining the filter (Column A) – the data (Column B) – the view tools (Column C)
  2. Creating check lists – multiple line entry into a large checklist
  3. Show progress by checking in boxes
  4. Assigning items and checklists to other users
  5. Show “Assigned to Others”
  6. Show My today and my tomorrow
  7. Show a project timeline from Dashboard – Edit the start and finish on screen
  8. Show Jibby development project in Kanban board – Workflow
  9. Show notification – double click to get into an item.
  10. Link the gmail to the account and show drag and drop of mails into the system
  11. Show the use of Dashboard – click on different options to show different attributes

Suggestion for commentator text:

  • Welcome to Jibby – Quality performance – where you combine into one application several commonly used features in your daily life with computers and internet, minimising the transfer between different applications.
  • Jibby is intended for up to medium sized companies, departments, contractors, individuals, communities or any entity small or large handling projects, content and collaboration.
  • At the same time you can use Jibby to manage your personal projects in the same view as you are collaborating in with your company coworkers or projects thanks to our user access controls.
  • The beauty of Jibby is simplicity while at the same time you experience flexibility.
  • We are constantly adding useful tools that do enaugh to manage projects, tasks and content but without adding specific handling details as you can find in many narrow purpose applications.
  • We base our development on 25 years of experience in project management and realize that in order to stay on top of things in a complex environment you must have OVERVIEW
  • All this is enabled by our 3 column approach where we have the view controls and project filters in left column, the result from that selection in the middle column and finally the view and content handling tools in the column to the right.
  • The elements we work with every day are more or less those: projects, tasks, information, documents, memos, emails, events, meetings, blogs, contacts, deliverables, financials and timesheets.
  • All of those elements must have attributes such as: Name, description, start, finish, attachments, priority, status, cost, users, checklist, progress and some more, making them essentially very similar. This is the key to our simple but yet flexible approach, building a tree of information where each branch has a different meaning and content.
  • Our checklists are so easy to make, simply paste a text and add several new checklist items. Assign some of them to others.
  • Once assigned to you or others you can view your Action list and what you have assigned to others. On top of that you can create a separate todo reminder list for items not belonging to specific projects.
  • In Your action list you have a selection of “Items” and “Checklists” that are in items that you have marked for action. Your main concerns in all your projects will go into your action list.
  • Within the action list collection you manage your today and tomorrow. You simply drag and drop items from your item or checklist collection into your today or tomorrow. Whatever you do not complete will go into Your past for later short term assignments.
  • You get notifications from other collaborators where you can double click to see what they want you to look at.
  • Set up simple or complex schedules, share them and manage adjustment of start, finish and progress on screen using the mouse.
  • Connect your Google mail to your access to Jibby for both watching your emails or adding individual posts into specific projects. We only have a window into Gmail. We can however copy, reply and forward mails from the Jibby link.
  • The Dashboard view is where we can see individual items or the tree selected in middle column by clicking on the icons indicating view attributes. From the Dashboard we generate reports with various information including or excluding descriptions, checklists, attachments and so forth
  • Our Kanban board feature is designed for flow of elements such as work, invoices, tasks etc. Create your own Kanban board for any project with your own column settings. Use the Kanban board to prioritize work flow as shown in our development of Jibby. (SHow the Jibby development Kanban board and movement within the board)
  • Finally share your projects using the share button. Send it by e-mail or make someone a participant. Anything that is displayed in the right column can be shared by email to others as a report from that specific tool.
  • And of course you can pdf any of the content of the right column simply by clicking the pdf button and directing it to a folder of your choosing.
  • For any assistance contact us at – Have a productive life.