12 – Gmail connection

  • Fetaures that we provide in Jibby for handling e-mails are
  • Connection to any Google account via Google authentication system
  • View 10 emails at a time with a flip button for next page
  • Drag and drop of any email and attachments into any Jibby item
  • Reply and Forward emails directly from Jibby Gmail view
  • Send email from Jibby including whatever content the sender wants to be included.
  • Receivers of email can reply to Jibby mails. The reply becomes a subitem to the item being sent.
  • The reception of reply e-mails is particularly useful when you want to receive outside comments on important discussions, complaints or issues.
  • In Jibby you can connect to Google mail so that you can add email content and attachments directly into Jibby. This is very convenient when using quality management systems where valuable information sit often in emails from clients and cooperatives. Later we will add connections to more services.