11 – Sharing from Jibby

Sharing from Jibby is easy

Sharing the selected item using Dashboard

To share whatever there is in Jibby you simply:

  1. Adjust the filter in Left column to whatever you want to see in the Middle column
  2. Select an item in the Middle column
  3. Click on the Dashboard view tool
  4. Select the attributes you want from the Dashboard view bar
  5. Click the SHARE button
  6. Select recipients
  7. Select additional share options such as adding attachments, get a copy to yourself or sending calender invite
  8. Add an optional subject line
  9. Add an optional description or explanations regarding what you are sharing.
  10. Click SEND

Sharing a Kanban board from Jibby

Note that you can share a full size Kanban board with graphics the same way as you share the content of the Dashboard.

Sharing from Jibby using pdf

Press PDF button in top right for a pdf report holding full content of whatever is displayed in right column.