09 – My action list

My Action list

The “My Action list” is designed to help users focus on items that hold tasks or project that must be executed by each user.

  • Jibby holds sometimes very large hierarchies of items representing all sorts of information.
  • It is not possible to focus on immediate projects or tasks at hand by browsing through all items in Jibby.

Therefore users can add any item or checklist to “My action list” by clicking on “ADD TO MY ACTION LIST” button that is available for every item and checklist in the Middle column. 

Clicking the + button you get the dialog:

This option is also available in the right column from the Dashboard.

Furthermore; you can add your item or individual checklist to your immediate action list, today or tomorrow. And you can assign the same to any of your team members listed in the dialog.

From this dialog you select your action:

  1. Add to your own action list
  2. Assign the issue to the action list of another user that has access to this item or checklist
  3. Place the issue  to the action list for today
  4. Postpone the issue for the action list for tomorrow