07 – Dashboard – Timeline & Gantt

Dashboard – Timeline & Gantt view

The Timeline view tool from the Dashboard is particularly useful for generating Gantt timelines for any part of your project.

This is a simple but effective planning tool used to generate a quick overall project view.

Edit the start and finish directly on the screen.

Adjust progress by sliding the progress bar located on the timeline or check the checklists associated with each item.

Note that progress is either entered manually using the slider or by completing the checklists that users make within each item.

Create a hierarchy of items to show both high level (macro) scheduling and detailed (micro) scheduling in lower level sub-items.

Comparison to other tools:

Jibby timeline and Gantt features are simple but convenient setting up visual timeline for any set of projects or tasks.

It can also be applied to any other type of item such as memos, events and other item categories.

We do not provide complicated relationship structures.

  • However; we can shift a set of items  by changing the start of the parent item.
  • Then all sub-items will be shifted by the same time.
  • In that case you must have the option: “Shift children on change” selected for each sub-item.