06 – Dashboard bar – Display options

The Dashboard bar – Selecting view content

From the Dashboard bar you can view and edit all attributes of any item by highlighting (in orange) the Dashboard bar buttons to generate reports for any project or parts of a project. Each item can contain various types of information that you may want to include in your right column view, pdf reports and e-mails.

Dashboard bar:

Dashboard bar display and editing options:

View selection or also sub-selection

View only the selected content of the selected item from Middle column OR also the content of subitems of selected item


A  full text editor with graphics and links to other websites is accessable in right column and also in the editing box from the top menu


Each item can have its own set of checklists. If checklists are added they become progress milestones


Every item has a commenting option. Add a comment and notify other users to view your comments


View the history of editing for each item showing when created and edited and by whoom


Add as many attachments to an item as required. Sending items with attachments in e-mail has a limit of 20 Mb. View the attachments using the eye preview tool  . Any common file-type can be previewed from Jibby. (word, excel, drawings, png, jpg, visio, power point, pdf, tiff and much more)

Assigned people

Who has been assigned to items and individual checklists for execution or responsibility is shown in the right column and also as a part of the Action list tool


Status of items such as progress, duration and priority can be edited and viewed in the right column

Cost and Quantities

Each item can carry a cost element and associated quantity. Particularly used for simple logging of quantities such as hours, kilometres, volume etc. Items are either summary items for quantities in sub-items or worksheet items holding quantities and unit costs.

Users and Contact rights

Show what users have access to items with status option of Owner, Editor, Reader.

Timeline (Gantt)

Generate Gantt timelines for any part of your project by editing the start and finish directly on the screen. The timeline also indicates with colors the progress of each item either based on the number og checked checklists or manually adjusting the progress using on screen slider or in a dialog.