04 – The top bar – The Controls

  • I1 – holds your avatar and is a dropdown for several commands and settings.
  • I2 – Is the add item drop down button. Click on any type and an item of that type will be added to whatever is selected in Middle column.
  • I3 – Edit the item selected in Middle column
  • I4 – Add an attachment from the computer to the selected item
  • I5 – Make a copy of the selected item. Choose how much of the attributes shall be copied also.
  • I6 – Click to make selected item and all of its checklists as done or not done. Change the progress status from 0%->100%->0%
  • I7 – Move selected item. Click to move and click on the destination item to finish the action. You can also make it top level (Project space)
  • I8 – Unfold all subitems for the selected item
  • I9 – Fold all subitems for the selected item
  • I10 – Trash the selected item. You can only trash one item at a time.
  • I11 – Use this icon to display whatever is in the Right column full screen
  • I12 – Dashboard view
  • I13 – Kanban board view
  • I14 – My action list view
  • I15 – Notification view
  • I16 – Send notification button. Hover over and see who has access to the selected and displayed item. A list appears for selecting the people to notify. They will receive a notification.
  • I17 – Share to others via email or notification whatever is displayed in the Right column.
  • I18 – Create a PDF report out of whatever is displayed in the Right column