03 – Right column – The tools and tricks

Right column – The tools and tricks

The right column is for displaying information anyway the user wants to view them.

There are 5 basic display options for viewing data selected in left and middle column and some tools for sharing and saving data:

03 – Right column – The tools and tricks

The Dashboard

  • Use the dashboard to display one or more items and to select the content attributes from each item for viewing by clicking the circular view buttons in order to display various content from selected elements. The view buttons are orange when displaying respective content.

The Kanban board

  • Create as many Kanban workflow boards you need for any item that is a “Project” type item and tailor each one to the specific task or project. Drag the items and drop into the board as well as move them around within the board. Customize the board by adding columns giving header names and make restrictions within individual columns in order to prevent overloading workflows.

My action list

  • Intended to help micro manage your projects. When using Jibby you end up having so many open projects that you loose overview of all the threads into the projects. My action list holds both items and checklists that you have added to your action list. Not all your items and checklists go there. Only the ones you want to function as reminders. Within the action list you can also view items and checklists assigned to other users.  A convenient feature is to add any of your items or checklists to “My today” and “My tomorrow”. This generates a shortlist of todos for you to look at. Whatever is not finished will be moved into “My past” for later short term assignments.


  • Notifications is an information board where you can receive notifications from other users about anything indicated by the red bubble showing the number of unread notifications.

Full screen view

  • By pressing the arrow to the left of the Dashboard icon you can change the Right column section to a full screen view.

Share button

  • Share selected items and all content that you have displayed in right column by clicking the share button
  • In the window that opens after clicking the share button assign new users to your projects or lower level elements that you have on the Dashboard or selected in middle column
  • Send e-mails with or without attachments and add receivers that are outside Jibby


  • Create a pdf file from all the content that you have displayed in right column