02 – Middle column – The structure

In the Middle column you see whatever you have selected in the Left column. The Left column fully controls the view in the Middle column.

In the Middle column you can:

  • Select an item and view the content in the Right column
  • Select an item for editing, using the edit controls at the top of Middle column
  • Drag and drop items from one place to another
  • Add and view checklists directly in the Middle column using the checklist controls on the right of each item
  • Add and view attachments for each item using the add attachment control on top or using the view attachment control on the left of each item.
  • Preview of any file type, using the preview eye to the right of the attachments. The preview opens a new tab with a pdf preview. You can open as many tabs as you like.
  • Drag and drop files from other applications such as folder systems into an item.
  • View e-mail from Google mail service. You connect your gmail account to your Jibby account in User settings. Than you have a window into Gmail for basic handling, replying, forwarding and copying into your QM system when needed. Very convenient when assembling specific information.
  • Add new items either into other items or create a new Project space. A Project space is always of Project type while subitems can be of any type.
  • Fold and Unfold items using fast-buttons that do the job automatically
  • View checklists for items that have checklists.
  • Add checklist items directly into an item without having to use the Right column