Jibby cloud management system – All in one

Jibby cloud management system enables use of diverse operational data to manage:

  • tasks
  • issues
  • projects
  • responsibilities
  • chat discussions
  • notifications
  • checklists
  • workflow
  • activities
  • documents
  • timesheets

Create personal action lists from company issues and use those lists to manage your day.

 Jibby cloud management system – Quality Management

Jibby cloud management system is an environment where you can quickly create a custom QM environment for your small or large operation. Simply adapt our general quality management setup to your specific situation.

This video shows how to use Jibby as a starting point for managing any operation, track actions, assign tasks, keep vital documents, store procedures, set up timelines, create workflow, set upp multiple checklists and much more.

Perfectly managing development projects

Jibby cloud management system  is a simple and flexible all in one and one for all management platform in the cloud for small to medium sized companies, operations, departments, clubs and individuals.
Step up to next level by making Quality Management a valuable part of your operation, not a liability“ with focus on collaboration, responsibility, content and management based on data from your operation and activities.

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We have analysed IT consumer requirements and identified the elements being used in order to merge them and simplify their use. Examples include:

Projects, Information, Deliverables, Tasks, Memos, Documents, Events, Meetings, Mails, Contacts, Chats and more.

By identifying those elements and finding the similarities, we have made a platform that keeps them all together and allows the user to link them naturally according to his preference.

Use controlled and flexible user rights settings to give access to any of your activities, plans and checklists weather it is of a private or professional nature.

Create sophisticated quality management hierarchies for all your operations using the elements and tools provided in Jibby,
..and you can use one of our industry templates to generate customized quality management environment in minutes.

Use Jibby for all projects, milestones and monitor progress in items, issues and tasks assigned to you or others in your network.

Create effective action plans based on meeting minutes, making sure nothing that has been decided is forgotten untill it is actually done.

Jibby is an extension of yourself – making the computer a tool that helps you live your life rather than feeding „the beast“ with information.

The sky is our limit and simplicity is the guiding light while enhancing usability.

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Quick Look

Jibby.com is a platform for creating your own tailor made environment for projects and content, personal or professional.

Create simple or complex quality management systems. manage collaboration in projects. Set up timelines and multiple todo lists.

Use the Kanban workflow board to visualize progress.

Use Jibby for agile product development.

The action list is a world of its own where you can assign tasks or projects to yourself and coworkers.

Use our three tier approach to manage your day .


I use Jibby.com in all my projects. This is a perfect tool to monitor the tasks and status of the projects. The workflow feature is very good to have overview of the tasks and the action list helps me to be on top of things. It is also good to get notified by e-mail the status of action points.

Hannibal Ólafsson, Verkís engineering

With Jibby we are able to keep focus on all our projects as engineering consultants. Jibby really helps us to keep track of decisions made and actions to complete.

Helgi Geirhardsson, Uppstreymi ehf

After we started using Jibby, we learned that for the first time we had the tools we needed to get a complete overview of our projects. The Jibby system is easy to use, as the routes to the item you are looking for are not long.

Kristján Ásgeirsson, Alark ehf - architecture


Turn goals into workable plans using Jibby